Through the years Brunner Seed has remained a family owned seed company.  Started in 1936, by Matt Brunner & Sons, Brunner Seed was owned by them until 1983.  At that time Brunner Seed was purchased by Tony Weisenbeck and his family.  Owned and operated by them until 2008 when Brunner Seed merged with another seed company for a period of 3 years.  Since 2011 the company has gone back to being managed by the Weisenbeck family.


Current Office & Sales Staff


From left to right:

Celsey Weiss – Office Manager   |   Dan Kropidlowski – Sales   |   Marie Hillig – Customer Service   |   Tony Weisenbeck – President   |   Steve Weisenbeck – Vice President   |   Wilma Weisenbeck – Office   |   Wade Lamphere  – Sales

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